An Overview of Brewery

What is Brewery?

Brewery is a plugin that allows you to brew fun, custom drinks that give special effects! Brew drinks using a combination of vanilla brewing items and Brewery barrels. Caldera's Brewery recipes are 100% unique to this server and cannot be found anywhere else, so players get the fun experience of discovering each recipe for themselves! Using this plugin, you can serve hot chocolate at your bistro, wine at your restaurants, or just get drunk with your friends! But watch out, get too drunk you might see some tricky effects, like slurred speech (chat), distorted vision, and a staggering walk!

Click here to see the Brewery Recipe page

Brewery Setup

To begin using Brewery, you must first create a Brewery setup. Brewing consists of three basic things: a cauldron, a brewing stand, and a barrel.


Brewery uses vanilla cauldrons for cooking. Cauldrons have to have a flame underneath it and they also need to be filled with water.
(insert cauldon picture)

Brewing Stand

Brewery uses vanilla brewing stands for distilling. Inside the brewing stand you use blaze powder for fuel and you MUST put a glowstone dust in the top portion when using the brewing plugin.
(insert picture of brewing stand)


There are two types of barrels: large and small, and barrels can come in any type of wood. While the size of the barrel only decides how many brews you can age at once, the type of wood can matter. While most recipes can use any wood for aging, some recipes require a specific type of wood for the barrel.

To craft a small barrel, you need 4 stairs of the same wood type. Place them so they all face inwards and stack on top of each other. Then, place a sign that says Barrel on the bottom right stair.

(insert picture of small barrel)

To craft a large barrel, you need at least 18 planks, 16 stairs, and 1 fence of the same wood type. Large barrels are 3 by 4, with the inner and middle sections being planks and the outer sections being stairs. Place a spigot (the fence) in the bottom middle block. Above that (middle middle) place a sign and write Barrel.

(insert picture of large barrel)

Brewery Process

Click here to see the Brewery Recipe page

After you have the setup completed, you can begin brewing! You will need to reference the Brewery Recipes page linked above. While some Brewery recipes are completed for you, most of them must be discovered by you!

Step One

The first step in brewing is using the cauldron. Once you've gathered the items that the brew requires, you right click with the item in your hand to put it into the cauldron. You then use a clock to determine the amount of time a recipe has been cooking. When you hold the clock in your hand and right click the cauldron, it tells you how long the brew has been cooking. All recipes have a minimum cook time of 2 minutes. After you reach your desired cook time, bottle the recipe by right clicking on the cauldron with an empty bottle. You can bottle one cauldron three times. If the recipe is non-alcoholic and made correctly, you should have a completed drink. You will know if the recipe is rank-quality if it says "Strong 'Name'". All recipes submitted for rank must be of strong quality. If the recipe is nonalcoholic but you get an indefinable brew, that means that you did not correctly brew the recipe and you must start over. If the recipe is alcoholic, move on to step 2 with your indefinable brew.

(insert clock picture)

Step Two

The next step in brewing alcoholic drinks is using a distiller (brewing stand). Put your indefinable brew into the brewing stand and let it distill. Hover your mouse over the brew so that you can watch the amount of distill runs that have been performed on the brew. After the correct number of distills have occured, remove the brew from the brewing stand. At this point, you should have a named brew. If the brew was made extremely accurately, it will be named Strong 'Brew Name'. If it is named just 'Brew Name' or Weak 'Brew Name', part of your recipe is incorrect. This could mean you do not have the correct ingredients, number of ingredients, or your distill/cook time were wrong. Check the coloring on the bottles for more information (if the data is yellow then you were close but not 100% accurate). If the brew is named indefinable distillate, you were way off and should start over. If the recipe calls for the brew to be aged, move onto step 3.

Step Three

The last step of the brewery process is aging. Only alcoholic recipes need to be aged. Place the brew in the barrel to begin the aging process. Each minecraft day (20 minutes) is considered a year in the aging process. Monitor the alcohol while it is in the barrel - once the barrel aged data turns green, you know your aging process is complete. Aging a brew makes it stronger, but overaging a brew can result in